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A Message from Lord Shipley – Chair, National Connectivity Task Force

I am currently serving as Chair to the National Connectivity Task Force. The aim of the Task Force is to undertake an independent assessment of the current and future requirement for enhanced connectivity between the nations, regions and Crown Dependencies of the United Kingdom and London, the major airports serving the South East Region that have been short-listed by the Airports Commission as potential locations for additional runway capacity and the wide range of onward international destinations they can provide access to.

The Task Force is an explicit acknowledgement of the role that transport infrastructure, including air connectivity, plays in driving economic growth in all parts of the UK. Consequently, in addition to the distinguished business and travel industry leaders and academics that are bringing their experience and expertise to the Task Force, it also includes regional representatives from each of its constituent nations and regions to ensure local knowledge and perspectives form an important component of its work.

As someone who has always had a strong personal and political interest in development of the UK’s regions and nations, I believe this Task Force has the resource and expertise to offer clear, evidence based leadership and new policy ideas that together will provide a strategic framework that would materially enhance international and long distance inter-regional connectivity within the UK.

It is with that ambition in mind, I am hoping to raise your awareness of the Task Force and its remit and to seek your assistance in taking forward its work, by requesting that you, or the organisation you represent, complete our questionnaire on connectivity, the link to which can be found below.

Please click here to access the questionnaire.

The questionnaire has been designed to take no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete but will make a valuable contribution to our final report.

My thanks in anticipation for your support; it is most helpful and greatly appreciated.

Lord John Shipley
Chair, National Connectivity Task Force