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Second Meeting of the National Connectivity Task Force (NCTF)

Hilton DoubleTree, 30 John Islip Street, Westminster, SW1P 4DD
12.00 – 16.30: 16 October 2014

Lord Shipley chaired the meeting consisting of Task Force Members and two members of the NCTF Secretariat. Also present was a representative from Heathrow Airports Ltd.                       

Welcome: Lord Shipley commenced the meeting at 12.50pm, welcoming those attending.

Minutes from 10 September meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Action: The Secretariat asked for any remaining feedback on the presentations and papers from the first meeting and any other generic, academic or regional material from Task Force members by the end of October 2014.

Terms of Reference: some further amendments were made that the Secretariat was asked to capture and re-circulate for final clearance.

Press Release: This was reviewed and some amendments suggested. Secretariat to circulate revised draft for final approval.

Questionnaire: Latest version circulated in hard copy at the meeting, some amendments requested. Secretariat to e-mail revised version by 21 October for feedback by 27 October. Decision to initiate questionnaire once Press Release is issued.

Review of Indicative Report Structure: There was broad approval for the Report ‘skeleton’ provided by the Secretariat and no major concerns.

Research Programme Update: The Secretariat provided an update on the research programme based on a paper circulated before the meeting.

RDC Aviation Presentation: Market Demand Assessment and Overseas Hub Capacity: RDC presented the initial phase of their work on demand assessment.

WP3 Paper: Review of Accessibility Measures Supporting Regional Air Access: The Secretariat introduced this paper circulated in advance and providing substantive data on access to London and its major airports from over 100 locations around the UK.

Presentation: Regional Air Access – Historical Perspectives: The Secretariat spoke to this topic, providing a range of historic data on regional access to London since the 1990s.

Next Meetings: Dates for subsequent meetings were discussed.

Meeting Closed @ 4.45pm